The E-TWOW Booster Scooter: Top Speed and other details




Now my first post about the E-Twow Booster was mostly me marveling just how many light-years ahead this scooter is compared to the heavy, slow and bulky electric scooter I owned just ten years ago.

I can pretty much rest my case on the fact the airless E-Twow tires never need inflating as the only specification you need to know, but I’m sure you’re interested in other things too, like the top speed.



Due to the scooter I borrowed set to kilometers per hour, I first tried to measure speed by clocking the number of New York City blocks per-minute I would cruise when catching all the lights green. I quickly discarded the idea when the scooter would inevitably hit a red light before the minute was up.

I later added my GPS to the handlebars of the scooter to independently verify the speed (yes, you can change the speedometer on the scooter to MPH but I was too lazy to look up how to do that just yet).

When I did this on level but pothole-laden ground, I was pleased to hit 16.9 miles an hour – certainly on the mark when you consider 16.8 miles an hour is the top speed listed on the web site. By the time I had done this, I had already used the scooter to zip to a few local places and I honestly didn’t feel like I needed to go any faster. For an electric scooter that folds down smaller than my vacuum cleaner and almost as light, it’s an impressive number.

You can thank the battery – a 33v 6.5Ah powerhouse – for delivering not just a good top speed, but for the petite, 24 pound weight. That’s probably lighter than whatever carry-on bag you used on your last flight – and, when folded, a lot easier to maneuver through a crowd. The battery claims a charge time of 1.5 to 2 hours. Even though I haven’t tested that yet, the sizable charge the scooter took on the 47 minute Metro North ride from Grand Central to Stamford suggests the claim is true.

The motor is powered by pushing the thumb-operated throttle on the right while the regenerative braking is activated by an identical throttle on the left. I adore the regenerative brake and found it gave me all the stopping power I needed – but I do wish the folks who made this thing did something different with the horn.  The built-in horn sounds like a fire alarm and should penetrate the thickest of windows of New York City cars and the thickest of skulls of New York City drivers. The quibble I have with the horn is the button is on the left, which means you can’t use the regenerative brake and the horn at the same time. So if someone cuts you off just remember to use the friction brake (pushing the rear fender down onto the wheel with your foot) if you want to use the horn.

The last figure to be aware of is the folded size: 37.2” x 5.3” x 11.8” All I can really say about that is…that’s small. It’ll fit in any car trunk, in any closet, under any desk. Unlike a lot of folding bikes I’ve dealt with I would not feel the least bit embarrassed handing this over to a coat check person at the finest restaurant – it seriously doesn’t take up much more space than a large, folded umbrella.



For readers of this review still wondering if 16.8 miles an hour is fast enough, I’ll be putting the E-Twow to a few road tests to show just how blazingly fast 16.8 miles an hour can be -  I’ll also check the claimed range of 6 – 9 miles.

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E-TWOW Electric Scooter: The Next Big Thing

Every once in a while, a new product comes along that seems to blow everything before it out of the water. We saw with the Stromer ST2 for e-bikes, the Surly Moonlander for fat bikes… and in 2015, the E-TWOW for electric scooters.

E-Twow electric scooter review

This electric scooter clocks in at only 24 pounds – quite a feat, considering it’s equipped with both front and rear suspension.

The E-TWOW is meant to be a ‘last mile’ scooter, meaning that you take it short distances to finish up your commute. The thing is, this electric scooter packs serious power and resilience. The E-TWOW gets up to 20MPH, and the battery life lasts up to 10 miles. For most of us, that’s our entire commute!

E-TWOW electric scooter photo reviewThe E-TWOW comes in both white and black models. Personally, I prefer the white… though it does get dirty much easier in the NYC slush!

E-TWOW electric scooter photo review

Out of all the electric scooters I’ve tried, the E-TWOW snatches the title as the most lightweight, speediest, and comfortable design.

Like what you see? Check out the specs at NYCeWheels.



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EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter Review

We’ve been raving about this electric scooter since it came out – now let us show you why. We followed Peter from his apartment to the park to showcase just how practical, portable, and speedy this thing really is.

Watch our video review of the EcoReco M5 electric scooter.

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Fastest Kick Scooters!

It is always surprising to me how fast you can go on an adult kick scooter. Most kick scooters have smaller wheel diameters, between 6 – 8 inches, and I wouldn’t personally feel comfortable going over 10 miles per hour or so, particularly on a steep hill. But go on youtube and you’ll find no dearth of videos showing some daredevil cruising down the Queensboro bridge at a blinding 20 mile per hour clip.

The CityKicker Kick Scooter

The kick scooter featured above is the CityKicker, which is based on the Xootr Mg scooter design. Xootr makes a wide range of scooters, all of which use the same handlebars but have different decks. The CityKicker features a nice wide deck which gives the rider a little more room for his/her feet, making it more comfortable and a little easier to balance.


Of all the adult kick scooters that we sell, the CityKicker is one of the fastest – as you can see from the video it’s capable of some very fast speeds.

Thinner wheels = faster kick scooter?

The CityKicker’s speed is due in part to its hard thin polyurethane wheels, which will have less surface area contacting the road and therefore less friction, allowing a rider to reach and maintain faster speeds.

City Kicker Kick Scooter

However, this is only true if you’re riding on very nice smooth pavement, as you will find on the Queensboro. Because these wheels are so hard and thin, they will not roll very well over cracks and bumps in the road. In fact, if you wanted to ride on the notoriously bumpy streets of New York, the harder wheels might actually prevent you from reaching faster speeds, as you will be more easily thwarted by a rogue tree root.

A Kick Scooter with beefy tread

For rougher streets, you would want an adult kick scooter with thicker tires. A great choice would be the KickPed, which has nice beefy rubber tires that will roll over those tree roots without a sweat. You ever see one of those monster trucks with 66 inch tires crush a Volvo on its way to the ring of fire? Pretty much the same.

KickPed Kickscooter

KickPed or CityKicker?

So should you go with the CityKicker or KickPed? It all comes down to what terrain you will be riding on most.  On smooth paved surfaces, the CityKicker is going to feel smoother and faster, but if you will be riding on bumpy side walks, I would say the KickPed will end up feeling like the faster kick scooter!

Hope this was helpful!


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EcoReco: last mile commuting, gone electric!

In the last few years there’s been some major advances in Kick Scooter technology. Better frames, better wheels, even super charged electric kick scooters that are still light enough to carry around and are even able to fold to a nice portable size!!! The EcoReco is one of these, and it is definitely worth a look.

Since first being listed on the crowdfunding site, the EcoReco electric scooter has aligned itself for just what commuters everywhere are looking for: a portable, lightweight and affordable way to get from point A to point B. With this powerful electric scooter you’ll be able to bridge the gaps that public transport leaves behind in a way that is easy and fun!


The EcoReco is simple and elegant.

You don’t have to be a computer whiz to operate this high-tech scooter either: you give it a gentle push (for safety!) and the scooter takes over—computer controlled acceleration to make sure you don’t wind up on the ground wondering what just happened.


A fast and efficient electric scooter!

There are a few other neat features of the EcoReco which make this scooter great as a shared mobility solution for office or campus environments (now that would be a cool office to work at).  The first and foremost is its speed. Although the EcoReco is slim and portable, its engine packs a punch reaching speeds of 20mph.  The second awesome feature of the EcoReco is that it folds up to a nice compact size. Check out this EcoReco blog for detailed pictures of its folding mechanism. EcoReco Folding electric scooter

The third great feature of EcoReco is the eco-conscious Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.  This battery will give you up to 20 miles of range and only takes 4-5 hours to charge up. Compared to Sealed Lead-Acid, the LFP battery also runs cooler under heavy use, and is nontoxic.  Finally, we can now all feel good about how we get around!

Since its arrival, the EcoReco has been an impressively hot item—and for good reason.  Between the low relative price, the smart design, and the 20mph top speed that can be limited for safety, the EcoReco scooter will be the perfect reason to leave your car where it’s at.

By Dylan “my MetroCard  stopped working” Felix

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Adult Kick Scooters: Choosing your deck size!

Adult Kick ScootersKick Scooters come in many different shapes and sizes and it’s important to choose one that is not only compact and portable, but also feels comfortable for your particular riding style. The size of the deck on your kick scooter will greatly affect how it feels to ride, impacting not only your sense of balance, but also your posture and foot placement.

Let’s take a look at two of our most popular Kick Scooters which each have very different deck configurations:

The City Kicker Kick Scooter

The City Kicker kick scooter, based on the popular Xootr MG, has the widest deck of any scooter that we carry in the shop. The deck, cast in solid magnesium, is 7.5 inches wide and 24 inches long, with a 28.3 inch wheels base. With a deck this wide and long, there is ample space to place your feet however you feel most comfortable.

The City Kicker has a wide deck

City Kicker: an Adult Kick ScooterMost riders pick one foot to plant on the scooter and use the other to kick the scooter along. I’m right footed myself so I usually plant with my left and kick with my right, but some more advanced riders prefer to switch off from left to right, a technique I have never fully grasped.

When coasting you have a few more options. Some prefer to have their feet farther apart, with their planted foot near the fork and their back foot towards the rear of the frame for balance. Others like to have their feet closer together. There are as many techniques as there are riders.

Because of its larger frame, the City Kicker allows you this freedom to play around with your desired footing. It is the perfect choice for anyone who feels more comfortable with a little extra room or has an extra large shoe size!

The KickPed Scooter

The KickPed Scooter, known for its super solid steel frame and large rubber tires, is a little more slender than the City Kicker Kick Scooter. Its deck, constructed out of tough weather proof marine plywood, measures 5.25 inches in width and 34 inches long, quite a bit thinner than the City Kicker although a bit longer as well.

The KickPed has a slimmer wooden deck

Riding an Adult Kick ScooterWith a longer and thinner deck you have more room to place your feet front to back, but less room from side to side. Because of this, most riders will stagger their feet while riding the KickPed, or even leave the heel of their back foot raised, positioned above the rear fender brake in readiness for a quick stop.

This is the stance of a rider who wants to take the city head on, surmounting all obstacles and getting from point A to point B in record time.

The advantage of a thinner deck is that it will be more portable, easier to store in lockers, take on public transit, and also a little easier to maneuver in tight spaces – between mobs of tourists in NYC for example.Fast Kick Scooter

The KickPed therefore has many advantages for the city commuter, perfect for riders who are a little more experienced and prefer a sportier riding stance and a slimmer deck for easier storage.

I hope this was helpful. Take a moment to think about what type of rider you might be, and then take a look at some of our Adult Kick Scooters to see if you can find that perfect commuting machine!


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The KickPed: better than ever.

KickPed Kick ScooterThe Kickped has always struck me as a quintessentially New York Kick scooter. Its design is sturdy and industrial, built tough with strong materials to handle a rougher environment, much like New Yorkers themselves I guess. It folds up to fit in smaller new york apartments, and it has thick unapologetic rubber tires that roll confidently over New York’s worst potholes. This kick scooter rolls over bumps like a New Yorker rolls over tourists.

Pothole: “Excuse me sir I – ”

KickPed: “Yea tell it to my GRANDMOTHA”

But really I’m biased because I live in New York, and like all New Yorkers think that it’s the center of everything. The KickPed is not so much quintessentially New York as it is quintessentially American – the result of hard work, skilled craft, and creative innovation.

KickPed manufacturing

All Kickpeds are manufactured in the US in the second best and third largest state, California where they are built up by GoPed, one of the largest and most respected kick scooter manufacturers in the country.

The scooter features only the best craftsmanship. It is handmade by Goped’s highly skilled technicians who take their time on each scooter to get each detail perfect. The frame is made of a high strength steel, welded by hand, the custom wooden deck cut to exact specifications using hi-precision tools.

Improving our designs

The design of the KickPed is the result of our interaction with customers over the last 10 years. The KickPed is based on an older Goped scooter called the Knowped, which had a bulkier deck and a handbrake.

Customers liked the original Knowped, but based on feedback during that first year, we realized two important things that could be improved: A) There was a need for a kick scooter with a lighter slimmer deck that would be more compact and portable and B) that the handbrake was the source of 90% of customer complaints – brake cables were getting snagged, the smaller calipers were having trouble gripping the wheel, and of course, at high speeds a front hand brake can cause front flips, or what bikers call “endos”. Bikers think they’re so clever.

KickPed DesignPartnering with Goped we removed the brake and extra cables, streamlined the cut of the deck, and the first Kickped was born. Since then we have continued to brainstorm ways in which the KickPed could continue to evolve based on the feedback from our customers and our engineer’s intuition and creativity. In 2013 it was re-released with an updated handlebar which folded 90 degrees lining up parallel to the frame to make it more compact and easier to store and ship.

Now in 2014, we will be re-releasing the Kickped with a few final new additions: bearing spacers to prevent over tightened axles and a fabric slip which fits over the spring on the handlebar and eliminates any rattling sounds.

This latest model represents the culmination of years of hard work and innovation, and we would like to extend a special thanks to our friends at GoPed for continuing to raise the bar, and for their cooperativeness working with us to make a great product truly exceptional. Try out the newly improved KickPed scooter for yourself and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


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Xootr Cruz: scooters aren’t just for kids anymore.

Dylan with his kick scooterKyle Smith of the NY Post put it perfectly: no kids would have been caught dead on a kick scooter from the ‘70s to the ‘00s. Well, maybe no kid would be caught on a scooter but how about a 22 year old like myself in 2014?  How about 45% of Xootr’s market right here in NYC?  What about the dozens of us whose $112/month MetroCard only brings us within a mile of our job, no less?

Enter the world of the adult kick scooter.

A little while ago, I purchased the Xootr Cruz w/fender from our shop, and I have yet to find a reason to regret my decision.

Kick Scooter on the streets of nycWith a classy wooden deck close to the ground for easy kicking, the Xootr Cruz is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to fill the gaps in mass transit—like in my situation—and in a package that’s not nearly as dorky as you’d think when “kick scooter” comes to mind.

A lightweight and comfortable kick scooter

Dylan riding his kick scooterWeight is often a concern with folks who are looking to buy anything that’s going with them all day.  Out of the options available, the Cruz is one of the lightest scooters out there, especially for the price.   Available are bags and carrying straps to make those moments with the wheels off the ground easier.  The scooter tucks comfortably between my legs while on the subway and carrying it up the three flights of stairs from the platform to street isn’t terrible—really!

Adult kick scooters are becoming more popular, and if there’s any time to jump on one and ride, the time is now.

The Xootr Cruz is only available for in store pick up but check out NYCeWheels’ selection of adult foldable scooters online, or if you happen to be in Manhattan, stop in to try one for yourself!


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The KickPed: The Indestructible City Commuting Adult Scooter

KickPed Kick ScooterWell now this brings back memories. The last time I hopped on a kick scooter of any kind was in elementary school. Remember when those Razor scooters were the fad craze in the late 90s? This brings back a feeling of nostalgia. The last couple entries I have been testing folding bikes at NYCeWheels. For a little bit of a change up, I decided to test out their most popular kick scooters for a week for against the city streets of Manhattan while running errands after work.

From first glance you can tell that the manufacturing of the KickPed represents the very best quality. It has a strong and solid high-tensile steel welded frame that gives the KickPed a sturdy and indestructible feel. You can tell that this kick scooter is made to withstand the abuse of everyday use for city commuters. The high-tensile steel allows the KickPed to handle a weight limit up to three hundred pounds, which is quite impressive. It has a very minimalistic design that only has the necessary features of the scooter are present. There is no additional carrying strap, no clasp, nor a grip brake. The narrow foot deck on the KickPed allows you to navigate between tight spaces, but still have plenty of space to place your feet on when riding. It is great to know that the KickPed handlebar comes in two different heights to accommodate for both the short and taller riders. I am about 5’1 in height, so I am pictured riding the KickPed model with the shorter handlebar of thirty-five inches. The taller handlebar has a height of thirty-nine inches. The rubber grips on the handle bar give a good grip that you will ensure control when steering the kick scooter.

As many of New Yorkers know, the city sidewalks and streets are filled with many bumps, pot holes and uneven cracked surfaces. I was traveling crosstown in Chelsea via the KickPed to investigate some possible ideas to write for my food and travel blog, Traveled Eats. When I usually go about the city to find inspiration, I walk to and from my destinations with the combination of public transit from Long Island. Since it is quite colder during this time of year I appreciated the speed the KickPed got me to my destinations. Using the KickPed my travel time was significantly reduced by at least half the time it would take walking.

During my ride I traveled mostly on the sidewalk. KickPed Kick ScooterHowever when the sidewalks got congested with foot traffic, it becomes a bit difficult to get around the crowd. I switched to the bike lane when there was one available. On both the sidewalk and streets I found that the KickPed rode well on the smooth as well as rough surfaces. This is greatly due to the KickPed’s thick tires that have more surface area to soften the blows of the ride. So whether it is the littlest crack, bump or curb, you will ride over smoothly. Since the wheels are made of solid rubber, there are no worries of getting a flat. The lack of tread on the wheels allow the kick scooter to have very little resistance when in use, however the one disadvantage is that this may cause the KickPed unsuitable for poor and wet weather conditions.

When riding the KickPed you can use either foot as the pushing foot to start off your momentum. I felt more comfortable using my left foot during the ride even though using my other leg did not give me any discomfort. I did find it slightly challenging to travel with the kick scooter up the hills with a slight incline. This required a harder push to give enough force to scoot, but nothing that was too difficult.

When I had to go into buildings or on public transit there was no problem as the KickPed is a compact folding kick scooter.  Pulling up on the metal sleeve on the handlebar compresses the spring and allows you to collapse the handlebar to the foot deck. By placing the strap over the fender brake, the KickPed stays securely folded together. This allows you to carry your KickPed over your shoulder. The newer design of the KickPed gives even a more compact appearance when the handlebar is turned ninety degrees before collapsing the handlebar. This helps keep the handlebar out of the way of your face.

KickPed Kick ScooterOverall I felt that I had a positive experience with the kick scooter. The KickPed would be great for those shorter commutes around town. It is tough enough for the urban streets for city commuters, but also great for recreational use.

The KickPed is made by GoPed in California. If you decide to try out and purchase this high-quality product, it is great to know that you will be supporting a USA based company and have a lifetime guarantee of service.  Get more information about the KickPed Kick Scooter today!!

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Accessories for your CityKicker

City Kicker Kick ScooterSo you’ve gone for it, you’re scooting around town on a fancy, beautiful new pale green City Kicker kick scooter. The textured board does a great job of gripping your shoes, by adjusting the stem length, your spouse and kids can take rides too, and between the fender brake and traditional hand brake, your kick scooter can stop on a dime.

But still you want more swag.

It’s understandable. We are also partial to a variety of great kick scooter accessories. There are a few upgrades that we regularly make here in the shop, and we’ve even seen some pretty cool additions from customers over the years that are easy to do.

Check it out!

Xootr Carrying StrapThe Strap

The most basic–and useful–addition to your CityKicker is a kick scooter carrying strap. This allows you to toss your kick scooter over your shoulder for easy transportation. Its easy adjustment system allows you to lengthen or contract it to make it comfortable for all users. In my opinion, this is an indispensable accessory for your kick scooter.

The Bag

Sometimes you will find yourself scooting where other scooters have never scooted before. By which I mean, hotel lobbies, corporate headquarters, and fancy apartment buildings.

Xootr BagAll too often the surly-eyed gatekeepers at such establishments exhibit a nearly comical aversion to anything on two wheels. In such inhospitable environs it is necessary to pop your City Kicker into its form fitting nylon bag and sneak it under the radar.

The Grips

City Kicker Cork GripsThe City Kicker strap and bag are some nice practical additions, but if you really want your scooter to look sharp, you’ll need to some cosmetic upgrades. Changing your grips is a great way to instantly change the scooter’s entire aesthetic, and because the handlebar is a standard width, most bike grips will be able to mount easily!

Our personal favorite is a nice pair of cork grips–they look so good on the City Kicker, in fact, that you can order the scooter with cork grips pre-installed!

Bonus Accessory: The Light

Kick Scooter LightFor the most intrepid among you, no conditions can stop you from flying around on your City Kicker–not even the dead of night. For your nocturnal exploits, you will surely need a fiery torch to lead your way into the unknown. Fortunately, the CityKicker has enough room on its handlebars to allow for just that. Mount your favorite bike light and ride on till the dawn!

So what are you waiting for? A completely badass kick scooter setup is out there waiting for you–this article really barely scratches the surface. I realized that when one customer came in looking for underglow for his scooter deck. Think you can top that? Go order your very own CityKicker now!

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