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Harrison is a bike guy that was introduced to the world of kick scooting when he started working at NYCeWheels. Harrison very quickly understood the value of a kick scooter for urban commuting.

A Loop of Central Park on a Xootr MG Kick Scooter

For anyone not familiar with the Xootr kick scooters, their defining feature is definitely the ultra low-resistance polyurethane tires mounted on lightweight but rugged die-cast aluminum rims, a real difference from, say, a KickPed which features a much beefier but … Continue reading

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The KickPed Scooter: A Tough, Solid Ride

Some cold nasty weather has descended upon the Northeast this past week. While I am as much a proponent of 4-season cycling as any employee of a bike shop, walking the walk (biking the bike) becomes a little harder when … Continue reading

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