KickScooters: the lowdown

Oh, the kick scooter, a simple quick and easy get-around tool. A favorite kids toy that found a crazy resurgence in the early part of the new century with the Razor. Then along came Xootr, the Micro Scooter, and the KickPed. It makes sense for getting around between trains, quickly getting to the better corner store that is 2 more blocks away, or walking your hyperactive terrier. Kick Scooters are lightweight, easy to operate and take up no room, especially because they fold in half.

Which Kick Scooter?! I want them all!!

So which one? There are so many to choose from! Three popular makers, Xootr, Micro and KickPed gave me a real roll for my money. They all fold down, have nice large wheels for less work and more speed, and are easy to throw over your shoulder to hop on the train.

The Kickped is as streamline as you can get: beautiful wood deck, fat wheels, and a fender step brake on the rear wheel. It is simple. It rides nimbly and quickly over cracks and brick sidewalk and is nice and narrow to slip quietly around other pedestrians.


The Micro Maxi is quite futuristic and a little more forward thinking in looks. Its lightweight all metal design and snazzy paint job sure make for something good to look at, and also ride. The Micro’s stiff deck and large wheels make for easy rolling and smooth handling. It also is quite silent… you don’t hear the bearings or any rattling as the sidewalk moves quickly underneath.

Don’t forget the Xootr!

The final contestant in the line up is the push Xootr. The executive of the scooter world – with multiple styles, colors and materials to choose from – spans every type of scooter your scootin’ heart can stand to ride. Its 8 inch wheels and super wide deck allows for more cruising than scooting with this scooter. The hand brake is a great addition, especially as a cyclist, I have a tendency to grab the handlebars to stop. There is an optional fender brake that can be added which is great, I’m always a fan of more stopping power, and it keeps dirt from flying off the wheel onto your clothes.

Kick Scooters great for the city!

Let’s face it: kick scooters are awesome city vehicles. What I was surprised about was the number of adults using kick scooters to scoot around city streets. All the options – the KickPed, Micro Maxi and Xootr – prove that there is good reason for their growing popularity, and are real convenient transport systems. Particularly in a city that is about getting there quicker and more efficiently.

Check out these Kick Scooters and you won’t be sorry, who needs to walk when you can glide?

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  • thebarak

    The Raven is just a little Razor A5 in black color. Those skinny polyurethane tires are not so great in the city. The KickPed is a much better scooter to ride.

    • Jack R.

      Yes the KickPed is a good way to go for city riding, especially if, like Manhattan, your city tends to have a lot of bumps and potholes – Jack