Making The KickPed Adult Kick Scooter

Goped sent us this cool video of our new KickPed scooters going into production. Check it out:

Result: A solid KickPed kick scooter frame

Result: A solid KickPed kick scooter frame

It’s pretty cool how the automated process, especially that first machine that bends the tubing. I love watching manufacturing videos and seeing how things are made. Imagine the programming that went into creating that machine that bends tubing for our kick scooter frame to exact specifications perfectly every time.

It’s also fun to see where our KickPed came from. It’s easy to pick up a solid adult kick scooter and take it for granted, but when you see what goes into making it you get a whole different perspective and a richer insight into the quality of the product.

If you want super high quality workmanship and a scooter that will last a life time order your own KickPed kick scooter.

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  • Steve

    I have one – had it posted over to Switzerland where I live. I am 6’5 tall – this scooter is awesome, I love it. To me it is the Harley Davidson of scooters – very tough, well-styled, timeless. Recommended !!

    • bert

      Congratulations Steve! Glad to hear that you’re happy with the bike! -Peter

  • Made

    Hi Tamsin, you’re absolutely right about foergin businesses working in the UK. Colours that have a positive cultural association in their own country may find they mean something completely different in the UK. However if their target market in the UK is their own countrymen then the cultural colours are probably the same. It’s all a part of being culturally aware.

    • Jack R.

      It’s interesting , while aesthetics may be interpreted differently in different countries, functionality tends to transcend those kinds of cultural boundaries— if its fun and useful, people will be interested in it. One of the reasons its great selling Kick Scooters ; ) – Jack

    • Jack R.

      Thanks for reading, made, and for your insightful comments – Jack