Razor A5 Lux vs. Micro Black/White Kick Scooter Comparison

Recently, I was given the opportunity to ride the Micro black Kick Scooter for several weeks. The Micro Kickit (available in Micro Black and Micro White versions) is a folding adult kick scooter that is a blast to ride. The first thing that I noticed is that this kick scooter is very similar to the Razor A5 Lux Adult Kick Scooter. There were so many similarities that I just had to write this comparison review. In fact, they are so similar that you wouldn’t be able to tell which scooter you’re riding if you closed your eyes, but seriously, it’s really not a good idea to close your eyes when riding a kick scooter!

Rat race on Micro black and white kick scooters

Rat race on Micro black and white kick scooters

There are numerous similarities to each design. They both have virtually identical wheels, both in diameter, manufacture and performance. The only real difference is cosmetic. The Micro kick scooter wheels comes in black or white, to match the Micro’s color schemes, whereas the Razor wheels come only in a bright red to match the red grips and fenders of the rest of the scooter.

Both kick scooters employ a durable and reliable upright locking mechanism. The Micro kick scooter requires a locking cam to be released, then two buttons have to be pushed in simultaneously and once the upright is pivoted into position, the locking cam must be secured. The Razor A5 only requires a one-handed operation to slide a single pin, which releases the pivot mechanism and once the upright is pivoted into position, the mechanism secures automatically. What a very simple and efficient design!

Razor A5 kick scooter

Razor A5 Lux scooter

Once the uprights are in position, both have handle bar uprights that extend and have locking pins that maintain the handlebar perpendicular to the front wheel along with the familiar over-center cam lock to keep them extended. Both of the designs use handle bar grips that slide into place and have similar lock pins to hold them secure. The handle bar grips on the Micro black scooter have a very snug fit, but the Razor A5 Lux grips wobble when inserted into the upright. The end result is that when riding the scooter, the rider has to constantly correct when steering, whereas the Micro scooter affords a much more precise steering experience.

The decks of both Kick Scooters are similar in length, but the Razor deck is a consistent 4 inches in width, but the Micro black is over5 inches wide in the front and tapers down to just over 3 inches at the back of the deck. When riding either kick scooter, you have to switch feet using the heel/toe swap technique or just kick with one foot all the time. Unfortunately, the tapered deck of the Micro results in a very minimal foot support area. After a long ride, my rear foot arches were sore because most of my foot overhung from the deck and was not supported.

Both scooter designs used a simple fender/brake design to bring the scooter to a stop quickly and efficiently. However, when riding the Micro black scooter, the rear brake pedal/fender is too easily stepped on when trying to scoot quickly. When switching feet, for only a very fractional contact with the brake, the brakes are partially applied and the scooter starts to slow down . A small complaint about the Micro’s brakes is that it rattles a bit when riding.

In summary, I liked riding both scooters but each had their pluses and minuses. I admired the simple design of the Razor upright locking mechanism and liked only having to use one hand to operate it. I was also impressed with the robust design of the Micro upright locking mechanism, but did not relish having to perform multiple operations to secure the upright.  I felt that the precision fit of the handle grips of the Micro black allowed me to ride with greater confidence and was superior to the Razor A5 scooter, which was a less expensive construction.

On the subject of deck length and width, the Razor deck, while simpler to manufacture, ironically provided a more reliable platform to stand on. The tapering deck of the Micro black kick scooter, while aesthetically pleasing, detracted from it’s usefulness by not being able to ride for long distances comfortably. Please note that my regular scooter is a Xootr adult kick scooter and I have grown accustomed to being able to stand and glide with both feet on the deck, so I felt somewhat cheated that I could not rest my feet on either the Micro or the Razor. However, whether you’re riding to school or work or you just like to ride for fun, both kick scooter designs are excellent choices for beginner or experienced kick scooter riders.

Micro White kickstand

Micro White kickstand

Throughout this review, I’ve omitted the cost of either model because I felt that the features, performance and quality outweighed the mere cost. But for the price of one Micro black or Micro white scooter, you can buy two Razors, so the buyer has to consider if the Micro’s benefits justify the higher price. Finally, the Micro black kick scooter has a real cool kickstand!

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