Selecting an Adult Kick Scooter Over the Internet

If you do not live in a city where you can test ride adult kick scooters, such as a KickPed or one of Xootr’s multiple styles, you might have to order one through the Internet and hope for the best. No matter whether you can or cannot test drive an adult kick scooter before you buy, base your decision on five personal characteristics:

Your Height: A single scooter type will not satisfy all adult heights. The handlebar of a well balanced scoot should reach at least 3 inches above your natural waistline, if not higher. What is comfortable for a 5’10″ person, however, might be way to short for someone who’s over 6’3″. If the out-of-the-box handlebar height is too short, but everything else is OK, find out whether you can have a custom (longer) handlebar made.

Uma Thurman on a Xootr

Uma Thurman on a Xootr

Your Shoe Size: Scooter floorboards are various lengths, with some being only long enough for one shoe (without having to stand at an angle), and other’s long enough and/or possibly wide enough for the easy placement of two feet. If you plan on scooting for several miles, having a floorboard that easily allows alternate leg pushing as well as a place to rest both legs is a big plus.

Your Weight: Don’t exceed a scooters’ maximum weight limit! Not only might you crack the kick scooter, you definitely will throw it off balance.

Your Purpose: Do you plan on using your scooter for commuting (a task similar to non-stop bicycling), or for sightseeing (a task that combines kick scooting and walking). In the first case, you might look for speed, while in the second case, you might look for more stability (especially for going slow, and/or negotiating rougher surfaces).

Your Typical Distance Covered: Short distances, such as 1 to 3 miles, does not require the longest rolling capability, or the easiest kick propulsion, whereas regularly traveling long distances (say 5 to 9+ miles) might require better rolling and the easiest kick propulsion. In general, larger diameter wheels roll further, although the largest wheels might require more effort to kick.

Should you buy a scooter over the Internet? If you can’t find a dealer near you, buy your scooter from a company like NYCeWheels, which has a good reputation in the city it serves and a knowledgeable staff. Rather than pre-select the model you want, discuss your issues with a sales clerk, then let him or her make suggestions. If you call a dealer who has an uninterested or non-informed clerk, or only clerks who’ve never used scooters, find another store!

Here’s an example of what to say once you make contact: “I am a 5’11″ man, weighing 235 pounds, with size 13 shoes, who wants to buy a scooter to commute 1.5 miles to work over well-kept sidewalks.”

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  • http://bt albert alan keech

    please send details of your best kick scooter weight 100 kg i live in uk thanks

    • Karen

      100 kg equals approximately 220 pounds. You can ride any folding scooter designed by (kickPed and and cityKicker) as well as any Xootr.

      • Jack R.

        Thanks for your response Karen, do have have a NYCeWheels kick scooter of your own? – Jack

    • Jack R.

      Hi Albert, we have many Kick Scooters that would be great for you, but unfortunately we are currently unable to ship internationally. Do you perhaps have a friend in the states who we could ship it to? Best- Jack

  • Alison Symonds

    I’m 6feet tall, 72kg and wear a size 42 shoe (10.5US). I’m looking to buy a kick scooter for short trips (new to scooters and not very fit yet). I like the look of the kickped but live in London, UK so not sure if it can be sent here.
    I am most worried about the handlebar being too short for me.
    What scooter would be best in your opinion?
    Thanks, Alison

    • bert

      Hi Alison,

      Sorry for the late response. Actually you can have the KickPed shipped to the UK for around $98. The tall KickPed would fit you very well. That’s my favorite scooter.


    • Jack R.

      Hi Alison, sorry for the delayed for response, a scooter like the KickPed would be ideal for you, with 39 inch handlebars, unfortunately we are unable to ship internationally. – Jack

  • kick scooter for adult

    What is the fool proof way to lock a kick scooter for adult to a bike rack – or is it best to bring it in with you every time/

  • John

    I am 70 years old, but in fine condition. I can run on the elliptical for 45 minutes and work in the yard for hours. I want to get a kick scooter to just combine exercise with touring our new home area. I am 5′ 11″ tall, weigh 235 lb. My shoe size is 11 1/2. What do you recommend?

  • Bett Häschen

    ok 6′ and weigh 250 lbs..would want to use this to go about 4 1/2 miles one way 2 to 4 x a week…which seems best? thank you

  • David Potter

    6’1 300 lbs want one for extercise any that fit that size and weight??

    • deejaybuddah

      razer A6