Using Adult Kick Scooters for Sightseeing

Adult kick scooters are not designed for child’s play, although riding one is fun. Instead of frantically kick, kick, kicking like kids do, adult sightseers combine gliding (rolling downhill), pushing (rolling along flat surfaces or slight inclines), and walking for maximum enjoyment

Kick scooting can easily double or more the distance covered by strolling while significantly reducing the fatigue induced by long hikes. When ridden to enhance sightseeing, you can stop as often as needed to take photos, videos, sketch, or just admire the area. Best, kick scooters can be easily packed on planes, carried on buses, lifted into the back seats of cabs, and rolled into shops, restaurants, and specialty areas.

Unlike riding a bike, where distance and speed matters, sightseeing relies upon ambling. If you find yourself in a remarkable areas, sightseeing by foot alone, unfortunately, can limit your range because ambling by itself is just too slow.

Over time, walking four or more miles per day (while frequently standing to appreciate views) is tiring and can and even stress your back. The point? Sightseeing is not hiking (where stress and effort count for the experience) and the result of sightseeing should make you feel energized while not making you feel like you’ve conquered a heavy trail!

Scooting Along Magazine Street, New Orleans: My husband and I recently returned from New Orleans where we were able to amble/scoot through several stunning districts without missing the kind of detail we would have via a tour bus, street car, or car. Best, we were not subject to typical tour-based discussions about architects, architectural styles, and property owners. Instead, we enjoyed what we saw for “what it was” and how it enriched us.

One of our trips was along New Orleans’ famous Magazine Street, which, frankly, appears drab when quickly traversed via car or bus. By slowly strolling/scooting the route, however, the street came alive with interesting landscapes, homes, shops, and friendly people (see the photo above).

To begin our journey, we rode a bus from Canal Street to Audubon Park (known for its a zoo, aquarium, nature institute, and golf course) along fabulous St. Charles Avenue. Once off the bus, we strolled/scooted to Magazine Street, detouring on Exposition Boulevard, as well as other interior streets.

Hey! Café

Hey! Café

We then strolled/scooted east on Magazine Street where we became aware of specialty shops we had seen advertised in tourist guides (we probably wouldn’t have sought these shops out individually, but name-recognition was comforting), plus we relaxed at one of New Orleans PJ Coffee Café locations, as well as passed by other interesting places to stop and snack, such as the Hey! Café

Frankly, the distance we traveled was far too long for a single afternoon stroll, yet we comfortably covered at least twice as much area by kick scooter as we would have if we had just walked.

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