Why choose a kick scooter?

Fender brake on the KickPed

Fender brake on the KickPed

By Jeffrey the Barak

Ah, the humble kick scooter. Often maligned as inefficient, or silly looking, but to those of us who know, it is the ideal vehicle for short-distance, low to medium speed transportation.

True, if you need to go ten miles, then a bicycle of any type will get you there with less energy spent, and if you need to go a hundred yards, walking may be more convenient, but lets say your trip is between half a mile and five miles, well then what could be easier than an adult kick scooter?

With a kick scooter, also known as a leg scooter or push scooter, You don’t have to remove your shoes and put on skates, you don’t have to unlock and lock your large, heavy bicycle, you don’t have to risk a fall from a skateboard, you just step on and go.

While still in a tiny minority among human-powered vehicles, scooters are nonetheless the best choice for such distances, especially when they are highly-efficient, light-weight, quickly foldable examples, best exemplified by the truly excellent KickPed.

KickPed kick scooter in the grass!

KickPed kick scooter in the grass!

Easier to ride then the original Know-Ped upon which it is based, and smoother to ride on the street than the similar Xootr line of kick scooters, the KickPed is a perfect example of a well conceived design. New York City retailers NYCeWheels are not just a bike shop with a couple of scooters in the window for eccentrics and tall kids to buy, they are enthusiasts who truly understand and appreciate the virtues of scooter riding.

I have owned, borrowed and ridden many different human-powered scooters in my time, and I think that to date, the KickPed review is the one that got it right. It’s the perfect balance of efficiency, stability, foldability and convenience.

I have written many an article about scooting, or scootering over the decades, as well as several product reviews of scooters, large and small, and will try to contribute here also. Hopefully describing use and experience will help convince hundreds more to acquire a scooter and take advantage of what such a vehicle can offer.

City Kicker kick scooter

City Kicker kick scooter

Before the Razor craze of the 1990’s I never saw another scooter rider besides the occasional small child, and a decade and a half later I am still often the only one out there, but this has nothing to do with people’s experience of kick scooters, which is usually very positive, it is more to do with perception. I hope to help boost awareness of how underrated scooters are as general transportation vehicles.

Cycling and skating are of course great activities, but there are some things that are best done on a scooter.

To browse a nice selection of quality kick scooters visit the Kick Scooter section at NYCeWheels.

Stay tuned.

Jeffrey the Barak writes from Los Angeles, California.

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