3 Places to Ride Your Kick Scooter

Though we here at NYCeWheels, as well as our devoted fan base, understand the utility, allure, and sheer brilliance of kick scooters, to many they still sound more like toys than actual vehicles. It is really interesting to see how quickly and avidly people come around to them, though, once they are introduced into daily life. I’ve seen customers–upstanding, serious, be-suited, business people–trepidatiously leave our shop with a brand new CityKicker tucked under their arms, too uncertain even to roll out the front door, only to return a few months later wanting to add the carry strap or duffle bag.

It seems that having a kick scooter becomes such an integral part of these folks’ lives that they cannot imagine managing without one. To demonstrate how helpful scooters can be in the course of daily life, check out my top 3 suggestions for the handiest places to use your new adult kick scooter.

The Airport

Micro Scooter folded upAs a large dealer of folding bikes, we often get requests from people who travel a lot, wanting a bike that can fold small enough to check on cross-country flights, or even fit in their overhead bins. This is a hard mark to hit–some over-zealous airlines even give owners of the super-compact Brompton folding bikes a hard time.

One solution that I think gets overlooked far too often is the kick scooter. Small enough to fit into a medium sized backpack without much difficulty as a carry on, having a scooter with you on a multiple transfer trip can be life (and leg!) saver. Take, for example, Denver International Airport, which covers about 140 square kilometers! Obviously, even on the worst transfer you wouldn’t have to cover all that ground, but it makes for some potentially epic treks between flights on potentially very little time. With a speedy, compact ride like the Micro kick scooter in your backpack, though, you could cut your travel time by two thirds, and make your connecting flight with time to grab an overpriced sandwich in between.

KickPed scooter unfoldedThe Subway

For New Yorkers, the subway is the classic, almost obvious environment in which to use a kick scooter. Anyone who commutes during peak times can attest to the lack of space in which to store any kind of vehicle–heck, there’s barely room for your feet at 6pm on a train pulling into Union Square. But even though the KickPed scooter is one of the burliest we carry, when it’s folded and slung over your shoulder, it barely takes up any extra room at all. Plus, when you get off the train its extra wide, all-terrain wheels will have you floating over crags and divots in no time flat.

The Neighborhood

CityKicker rolling around the neighborhoodFor busy, errand-running, family-raising, nine-to-five-working adults, perhaps the most overlooked usage for a kick scooter is having fun. We have all gotten home at the end of the day and simply been so completely exhausted that we couldn’t take another step if our lives depended on it. But I think even at that point, just about anyone could be convinced to take a scoot down the block for a night out with the family, or just perhaps a glass of wine to unwind. And with a durable scooter like the CityKicker, which features hand and foot brakes for extra stopping power, there is even enough room on the large, luxurious board for an extra pair of little feet, so you don’t even need to scoot alone.

If you have a favorite place to scoot, or have found your scooter to be particularly helpful in a certain situation, we’d love to hear about it! If you don’t have a kick scooter of your own yet, what are you waiting for?! Visit the NYCeWheels website today to find out more about our selection of kick scooters.

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