Xootr Cruz: scooters aren’t just for kids anymore.

Dylan with his kick scooterKyle Smith of the NY Post put it perfectly: no kids would have been caught dead on a kick scooter from the ‘70s to the ‘00s. Well, maybe no kid would be caught on a scooter but how about a 22 year old like myself in 2014?  How about 45% of Xootr’s market right here in NYC?  What about the dozens of us whose $112/month MetroCard only brings us within a mile of our job, no less?

Enter the world of the adult kick scooter.

A little while ago, I purchased the Xootr Cruz w/fender from our shop, and I have yet to find a reason to regret my decision.

Kick Scooter on the streets of nycWith a classy wooden deck close to the ground for easy kicking, the Xootr Cruz is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to fill the gaps in mass transit—like in my situation—and in a package that’s not nearly as dorky as you’d think when “kick scooter” comes to mind.

A lightweight and comfortable kick scooter

Dylan riding his kick scooterWeight is often a concern with folks who are looking to buy anything that’s going with them all day.  Out of the options available, the Cruz is one of the lightest scooters out there, especially for the price.   Available are bags and carrying straps to make those moments with the wheels off the ground easier.  The scooter tucks comfortably between my legs while on the subway and carrying it up the three flights of stairs from the platform to street isn’t terrible—really!

Adult kick scooters are becoming more popular, and if there’s any time to jump on one and ride, the time is now.

The Xootr Cruz is only available for in store pick up but check out NYCeWheels’ selection of adult foldable scooters online, or if you happen to be in Manhattan, stop in to try one for yourself!


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