Adult Kick Scooters: Choosing your deck size!

Adult Kick ScootersKick Scooters come in many different shapes and sizes and it’s important to choose one that is not only compact and portable, but also feels comfortable for your particular riding style. The size of the deck on your kick scooter will greatly affect how it feels to ride, impacting not only your sense of balance, but also your posture and foot placement.

Let’s take a look at two of our most popular Kick Scooters which each have very different deck configurations:

The City Kicker Kick Scooter

The City Kicker kick scooter, based on the popular Xootr MG, has the widest deck of any scooter that we carry in the shop. The deck, cast in solid magnesium, is 7.5 inches wide and 24 inches long, with a 28.3 inch wheels base. With a deck this wide and long, there is ample space to place your feet however you feel most comfortable.

The City Kicker has a wide deck

City Kicker: an Adult Kick ScooterMost riders pick one foot to plant on the scooter and use the other to kick the scooter along. I’m right footed myself so I usually plant with my left and kick with my right, but some more advanced riders prefer to switch off from left to right, a technique I have never fully grasped.

When coasting you have a few more options. Some prefer to have their feet farther apart, with their planted foot near the fork and their back foot towards the rear of the frame for balance. Others like to have their feet closer together. There are as many techniques as there are riders.

Because of its larger frame, the City Kicker allows you this freedom to play around with your desired footing. It is the perfect choice for anyone who feels more comfortable with a little extra room or has an extra large shoe size!

The KickPed Scooter

The KickPed Scooter, known for its super solid steel frame and large rubber tires, is a little more slender than the City Kicker Kick Scooter. Its deck, constructed out of tough weather proof marine plywood, measures 5.25 inches in width and 34 inches long, quite a bit thinner than the City Kicker although a bit longer as well.

The KickPed has a slimmer wooden deck

Riding an Adult Kick ScooterWith a longer and thinner deck you have more room to place your feet front to back, but less room from side to side. Because of this, most riders will stagger their feet while riding the KickPed, or even leave the heel of their back foot raised, positioned above the rear fender brake in readiness for a quick stop.

This is the stance of a rider who wants to take the city head on, surmounting all obstacles and getting from point A to point B in record time.

The advantage of a thinner deck is that it will be more portable, easier to store in lockers, take on public transit, and also a little easier to maneuver in tight spaces – between mobs of tourists in NYC for example.Fast Kick Scooter

The KickPed therefore has many advantages for the city commuter, perfect for riders who are a little more experienced and prefer a sportier riding stance and a slimmer deck for easier storage.

I hope this was helpful. Take a moment to think about what type of rider you might be, and then take a look at some of our Adult Kick Scooters to see if you can find that perfect commuting machine!


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