The KickPed: The Indestructible City Commuting Adult Scooter

KickPed Kick ScooterWell now this brings back memories. The last time I hopped on a kick scooter of any kind was in elementary school. Remember when those Razor scooters were the fad craze in the late 90s? This brings back a feeling of nostalgia. The last couple entries I have been testing folding bikes at NYCeWheels. For a little bit of a change up, I decided to test out their most popular kick scooters for a week for against the city streets of Manhattan while running errands after work.

From first glance you can tell that the manufacturing of the KickPed represents the very best quality. It has a strong and solid high-tensile steel welded frame that gives the KickPed a sturdy and indestructible feel. You can tell that this kick scooter is made to withstand the abuse of everyday use for city commuters. The high-tensile steel allows the KickPed to handle a weight limit up to three hundred pounds, which is quite impressive. It has a very minimalistic design that only has the necessary features of the scooter are present. There is no additional carrying strap, no clasp, nor a grip brake. The narrow foot deck on the KickPed allows you to navigate between tight spaces, but still have plenty of space to place your feet on when riding. It is great to know that the KickPed handlebar comes in two different heights to accommodate for both the short and taller riders. I am about 5’1 in height, so I am pictured riding the KickPed model with the shorter handlebar of thirty-five inches. The taller handlebar has a height of thirty-nine inches. The rubber grips on the handle bar give a good grip that you will ensure control when steering the kick scooter.

As many of New Yorkers know, the city sidewalks and streets are filled with many bumps, pot holes and uneven cracked surfaces. I was traveling crosstown in Chelsea via the KickPed to investigate some possible ideas to write for my food and travel blog, Traveled Eats. When I usually go about the city to find inspiration, I walk to and from my destinations with the combination of public transit from Long Island. Since it is quite colder during this time of year I appreciated the speed the KickPed got me to my destinations. Using the KickPed my travel time was significantly reduced by at least half the time it would take walking.

During my ride I traveled mostly on the sidewalk. KickPed Kick ScooterHowever when the sidewalks got congested with foot traffic, it becomes a bit difficult to get around the crowd. I switched to the bike lane when there was one available. On both the sidewalk and streets I found that the KickPed rode well on the smooth as well as rough surfaces. This is greatly due to the KickPed’s thick tires that have more surface area to soften the blows of the ride. So whether it is the littlest crack, bump or curb, you will ride over smoothly. Since the wheels are made of solid rubber, there are no worries of getting a flat. The lack of tread on the wheels allow the kick scooter to have very little resistance when in use, however the one disadvantage is that this may cause the KickPed unsuitable for poor and wet weather conditions.

When riding the KickPed you can use either foot as the pushing foot to start off your momentum. I felt more comfortable using my left foot during the ride even though using my other leg did not give me any discomfort. I did find it slightly challenging to travel with the kick scooter up the hills with a slight incline. This required a harder push to give enough force to scoot, but nothing that was too difficult.

When I had to go into buildings or on public transit there was no problem as the KickPed is a compact folding kick scooter.  Pulling up on the metal sleeve on the handlebar compresses the spring and allows you to collapse the handlebar to the foot deck. By placing the strap over the fender brake, the KickPed stays securely folded together. This allows you to carry your KickPed over your shoulder. The newer design of the KickPed gives even a more compact appearance when the handlebar is turned ninety degrees before collapsing the handlebar. This helps keep the handlebar out of the way of your face.

KickPed Kick ScooterOverall I felt that I had a positive experience with the kick scooter. The KickPed would be great for those shorter commutes around town. It is tough enough for the urban streets for city commuters, but also great for recreational use.

The KickPed is made by GoPed in California. If you decide to try out and purchase this high-quality product, it is great to know that you will be supporting a USA based company and have a lifetime guarantee of service.  Get more information about the KickPed Kick Scooter today!!

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