E-TWOW Electric Scooter: The Next Big Thing

Every once in a while, a new product comes along that seems to blow everything before it out of the water. We saw with the Stromer ST2 for e-bikes, the Surly Moonlander for fat bikes… and in 2015, the E-TWOW for electric scooters.

E-Twow electric scooter review

This electric scooter clocks in at only 24 pounds – quite a feat, considering it’s equipped with both front and rear suspension.

The E-TWOW is meant to be a ‘last mile’ scooter, meaning that you take it short distances to finish up your commute. The thing is, this electric scooter packs serious power and resilience. The E-TWOW gets up to 20MPH, and the battery life lasts up to 10 miles. For most of us, that’s our entire commute!

E-TWOW electric scooter photo reviewThe E-TWOW comes in both white and black models. Personally, I prefer the white… though it does get dirty much easier in the NYC slush!

E-TWOW electric scooter photo review

Out of all the electric scooters I’ve tried, the E-TWOW snatches the title as the most lightweight, speediest, and comfortable design.

Like what you see? Check out the specs at NYCeWheels.



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