EcoReco: last mile commuting, gone electric!

In the last few years there’s been some major advances in Kick Scooter technology. Better frames, better wheels, even super charged electric kick scooters that are still light enough to carry around and are even able to fold to a nice portable size!!! The EcoReco is one of these, and it is definitely worth a look.

Since first being listed on the crowdfunding site, the EcoReco electric scooter has aligned itself for just what commuters everywhere are looking for: a portable, lightweight and affordable way to get from point A to point B. With this powerful electric scooter you’ll be able to bridge the gaps that public transport leaves behind in a way that is easy and fun!


The EcoReco is simple and elegant.

You don’t have to be a computer whiz to operate this high-tech scooter either: you give it a gentle push (for safety!) and the scooter takes over—computer controlled acceleration to make sure you don’t wind up on the ground wondering what just happened.


A fast and efficient electric scooter!

There are a few other neat features of the EcoReco which make this scooter great as a shared mobility solution for office or campus environments (now that would be a cool office to work at).  The first and foremost is its speed. Although the EcoReco is slim and portable, its engine packs a punch reaching speeds of 20mph.  The second awesome feature of the EcoReco is that it folds up to a nice compact size. Check out this EcoReco blog for detailed pictures of its folding mechanism. EcoReco Folding electric scooter

The third great feature of EcoReco is the eco-conscious Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.  This battery will give you up to 20 miles of range and only takes 4-5 hours to charge up. Compared to Sealed Lead-Acid, the LFP battery also runs cooler under heavy use, and is nontoxic.  Finally, we can now all feel good about how we get around!

Since its arrival, the EcoReco has been an impressively hot item—and for good reason.  Between the low relative price, the smart design, and the 20mph top speed that can be limited for safety, the EcoReco scooter will be the perfect reason to leave your car where it’s at.

By Dylan “my MetroCard  stopped working” Felix

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  • evajordon

    Love the scooter. Its solid, fast, easy to run It is transportation for quick travel in urban environments that can easily be transported with you and in my opinion Electric scooters like this are really only suitable for people who have “ideal” journeys