Fastest Kick Scooters!

It is always surprising to me how fast you can go on an adult kick scooter. Most kick scooters have smaller wheel diameters, between 6 – 8 inches, and I wouldn’t personally feel comfortable going over 10 miles per hour or so, particularly on a steep hill. But go on youtube and you’ll find no dearth of videos showing some daredevil cruising down the Queensboro bridge at a blinding 20 mile per hour clip.

The CityKicker Kick Scooter

The kick scooter featured above is the CityKicker, which is based on the Xootr Mg scooter design. Xootr makes a wide range of scooters, all of which use the same handlebars but have different decks. The CityKicker features a nice wide deck which gives the rider a little more room for his/her feet, making it more comfortable and a little easier to balance.


Of all the adult kick scooters that we sell, the CityKicker is one of the fastest – as you can see from the video it’s capable of some very fast speeds.

Thinner wheels = faster kick scooter?

The CityKicker’s speed is due in part to its hard thin polyurethane wheels, which will have less surface area contacting the road and therefore less friction, allowing a rider to reach and maintain faster speeds.

City Kicker Kick Scooter

However, this is only true if you’re riding on very nice smooth pavement, as you will find on the Queensboro. Because these wheels are so hard and thin, they will not roll very well over cracks and bumps in the road. In fact, if you wanted to ride on the notoriously bumpy streets of New York, the harder wheels might actually prevent you from reaching faster speeds, as you will be more easily thwarted by a rogue tree root.

A Kick Scooter with beefy tread

For rougher streets, you would want an adult kick scooter with thicker tires. A great choice would be the KickPed, which has nice beefy rubber tires that will roll over those tree roots without a sweat. You ever see one of those monster trucks with 66 inch tires crush a Volvo on its way to the ring of fire? Pretty much the same.

KickPed Kickscooter

KickPed or CityKicker?

So should you go with the CityKicker or KickPed? It all comes down to what terrain you will be riding on most.  On smooth paved surfaces, the CityKicker is going to feel smoother and faster, but if you will be riding on bumpy side walks, I would say the KickPed will end up feeling like the faster kick scooter!

Hope this was helpful!


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  • EdwardInFlorida

    If it were up to me, I’d own both. The Citykicker for nice long rides on smooth surfaces such as a “Rails to Trails”, and the Kickped for the urban/city environment.

  • Kscoot

    Great post. Kick scooters definitely aren’t one size fits all. Here are my thoughts on the different kickscooter brands – what do you think?

  • Koller

    After reading this great post I checked my maximum speed on a horizontal road. Unfortunately, the video of my fastest attempt got damaged, but here is how I ride by almost 20 mph. Although my kick scooter has bigger wheels, it is less than 13 lbs., so I think it is in the “compact category”. :)

  • Mathew

    Razor A Kick Scooter is One of the razor’s pioneer scooter, the Razor A kick scooter is a customer favorite because of the price compared to the quality and its speed. To get idea about best kick scooter read this article

  • Cricket Getway

    i am 6.1″ tall,155 lbs,which scooter is good and fast for me?