Accessories for your CityKicker

City Kicker Kick ScooterSo you’ve gone for it, you’re scooting around town on a fancy, beautiful new pale green City Kicker kick scooter. The textured board does a great job of gripping your shoes, by adjusting the stem length, your spouse and kids can take rides too, and between the fender brake and traditional hand brake, your kick scooter can stop on a dime.

But still you want more swag.

It’s understandable. We are also partial to a variety of great kick scooter accessories. There are a few upgrades that we regularly make here in the shop, and we’ve even seen some pretty cool additions from customers over the years that are easy to do.

Check it out!

Xootr Carrying StrapThe Strap

The most basic–and useful–addition to your CityKicker is a kick scooter carrying strap. This allows you to toss your kick scooter over your shoulder for easy transportation. Its easy adjustment system allows you to lengthen or contract it to make it comfortable for all users. In my opinion, this is an indispensable accessory for your kick scooter.

The Bag

Sometimes you will find yourself scooting where other scooters have never scooted before. By which I mean, hotel lobbies, corporate headquarters, and fancy apartment buildings.

Xootr BagAll too often the surly-eyed gatekeepers at such establishments exhibit a nearly comical aversion to anything on two wheels. In such inhospitable environs it is necessary to pop your City Kicker into its form fitting nylon bag and sneak it under the radar.

The Grips

City Kicker Cork GripsThe City Kicker strap and bag are some nice practical additions, but if you really want your scooter to look sharp, you’ll need to some cosmetic upgrades. Changing your grips is a great way to instantly change the scooter’s entire aesthetic, and because the handlebar is a standard width, most bike grips will be able to mount easily!

Our personal favorite is a nice pair of cork grips–they look so good on the City Kicker, in fact, that you can order the scooter with cork grips pre-installed!

Bonus Accessory: The Light

Kick Scooter LightFor the most intrepid among you, no conditions can stop you from flying around on your City Kicker–not even the dead of night. For your nocturnal exploits, you will surely need a fiery torch to lead your way into the unknown. Fortunately, the CityKicker has enough room on its handlebars to allow for just that. Mount your favorite bike light and ride on till the dawn!

So what are you waiting for? A completely badass kick scooter setup is out there waiting for you–this article really barely scratches the surface. I realized that when one customer came in looking for underglow for his scooter deck. Think you can top that? Go order your very own CityKicker now!

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