Kick Scooters on Vacation

Although I’ve lived in New York City for almost 7 years now, I grew up in the North West in a small town outside of Seattle, and every year I try to make it back around Christmas time to see dearly missed friends and family. The pacific northwest is beautiful, the site of the Kitsap Peninsula and the Puget sound, a haven of wildlife, evergreen forests, and lakes, nestled between the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. I miss these landmarks of my childhood home and this year, I had a great time exploring some of my old stomping grounds on a couple of adult kick scooters.

Kick Scooters around Lake WashingtonKick Scooters around Lake Washington

James, one of my best and oldest friends, is your classic, outdoorsman, sporty, overly athletic Northwesterner.  True, he doesn’t have the requisite beard, but what he lacks in facial hair he makes up by going hiking, working out at the gym, and owning a Volvo. I met up with James for the first time in almost a year, and we took a couple of adult Kick Scooters out to Lake Washington to catch up, explore, and enjoy the sunlight while we could get it.

Lake Washington is the second largest lake in Washington State, and too big to circumvent by foot, but on a fast kick scooter like the City Kicker you can make it around the entire thing in about an hour.  Kick Scooting can be truly wonderful.  You make good time, get to see a lot, but it’s not a huge event that requires a lot of time and panning.  That day, we just folded up the Kick Scooters, threw them in the back of James’ Volvo and then cruised around the Lake at a nice leisurely rate, looking at the scenery, enjoying the view, but mostly just talking, catching up.

Could’ve used the KickPed

kickped-kick-scooterOn a high quality Kick Scooter, getting around should feel almost effortless.  You just get in the rhythm of kicking and gliding, and then forget about what you’re doing and enjoy. James and I were using fast kick scooters, like the City Kicker or Micro Adult models, but the sidewalks which line the shore are a bit bumpy, and we could have used Kick Scooters with larger rubber wheels, like the KickPed Kick Scoooter, to handle the rougher terrain.

We rode for about 45 minutes, and then found a small dock, jutting out onto the water in a path of sunlight. Folding up our Kick Scooters, we walked out onto the water, and relaxed for a bit, lying on our backs and feeling the sun on our faces, before packing up and heading back towards the car.

After the ride James wanted to get some protein shakes and head for the gym, but I was feeling content after the ride, and didn’t feel like doing squat thrusts and dead-lifts just then.  We parted ways, but I was glad we got a chance to catch up and take a ride. Now that I’m back in New York, I’m thinking I’ll buy a Kick Scooter of my own, explore some new places and and maybe meet a few new friends.




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