Top 3 places to ride a Kick Scooter in NYC.

It’s a new day, you’re up with the sunrise, cup of coffee in one hand, Kick Scooter in the other. New york City is your playground and you’re ready to take it on in style. So where do you go? What are the hot spots for riding a kick scooter in nyc?

1) Take a ride down riverside

The Hudson river Greenway runs the entire length of Manhattan, beginning just north Fort Tryon Park and continuing along the Hudson all the way to the financial district.

Take a ride down the greenway on your Kick Scooter and you’ll pass by 100 different New York niches. Look up at the George Washington Bridge shooting over your head at 182nd, visit the beautiful yachts moored along 86th st, stop off at Peir I Cafe at 70th st for a drink on the waterfront, and then head down south to enjoy the sunset at battery park. For so many reasons, the Hudson river greenway is the perfect place to take your kick scooter in nyc.

2) Explore Randalls Island with your Kick Scooter

For some reason no one knows about Randall’s island, a beautiful and private little haven accessible via a pedestrian bridge at 103rd street which has some of the best riverside kick scooter paths in the city. 20 years ago the island was primarily known as the site of a waste management plant, and a rather large psychiatric facility, not the most attractive features I admit, but over the last few decades, it’s gone through a major makeover. Criss-crossed with bike paths, the island is now home to some of the best sights in the city— wetlands, outdoor art exhibition, sporting events, and some of the most stunning views of the New York City Scape. Just take your Kick Scooter into Carl Schultz park at 86th street, head up north on the east river bike path, cross the pedestrian bridge at 103rd, and spend the rest of the day exploring the island at your own pace.

3)Take a fast Kick Scooter down the Williamsburg Bridge

For the hardcore Kick Scooter aficionado who wants to get a great work out and catch some serious speed, the Williamsburg bridge is a challenge worth facing. Enter the bridge by heading east on Delancey street until you get to the river. The first half of the bridge is a steep climb, so be prepared to get your blood pumping. Once you get past the midway point its all downhill from there. Extremely downhill. Even regulating your speed with a steady back heel, you’ll be reaching speeds of up to 20 or 25 mph. So be careful. A past customer sent us this video which should give you an idea…

To get the most out of it you’ll want to be riding a fast kick scooter with thin wheels like the City Kicker. But at the speeds you’ll be going, be sure to avoid the front handbrake and lay on the rear fender. After you satiate that need for speed, take your Kick Scooter a few blocks up and you’ll be in the heart of Williamsburg, surrounded by tons of great restaurants and cafes. Not such a bad way to spend an afternoon with your kick scooter in NYC.

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