Kick scooting and sightseeing in the art deco area at Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach’s colorful art deco area has everything a kick scooter enthusiast could possibly want. Beautiful architecture, ample food, an expansive park, plenty of sidewalks, restrooms, the beach, and wash-off areas for use after you’ve spent time in the sand.

Phil kick-scooting by art deco hotels in Miami Beach

Phil kick-scooting by art deco hotels in Miami Beach

The colorful art deco hotels and apartments, built between 1923 and 1943, run along the west side of Ocean Drive. Unfortunately, kick scooting on this side of the street is impossible. The reason is because almost every historic building features a restaurant, each with multiple rows of tables placed on either side of the sidewalk itself.

Fortunately, across the street from the art deco buildings is Lummus Park, which borders Ocean Drive and the beach itself. Between 5th street and 15th Street, in fact, its sidewalk is continuous, with no curbs or stops for intersecting streets, providing ten blocks of kick scooting-friendly sidewalk that can’t be beat, but there’s more . . .

There are also palm tree-shaded sidewalks within Lummus Park itself, plus plenty of places to relax and tan, either on the lawn or on lawn chairs. Want to enjoy the beach itself? These sidewalks lead you right up to it.

If you choose to ride as close to the Atlantic Ocean as possible (which we did on our Xootr and KickPed), you’ll discover the entrance to a beautifully landscaped trail at the northern end of Lummus Park that runs between Miami Beach’s skyscraper hotels and the beach itself. This trail ends at 47th Street, making it an easy five-mile, kick scooting round trip back to Lummus Park again.

Need to sit down and catch your breath? Well, hopefully, your kick scooting was not all that strenuous, but if you do want to rest and enjoy the scenery, you might find the Starbucks on the corner of 15th Street and Ocean Drive the perfect spot. It is housed in the base of a stunning Marriott Hotel and features an expansive outside veranda immediately next to the park.

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