Kick scooting in Miami Beach, Florida

Kick scooting and sightseeing in South Pointe Park at Miami Beach, Florida

If you don’t stay at one of Miami Beach’s hotels near Lummus Park, you’ll need to drive into the area and secure a parking place before they are difficult to find. To do that, we arrived at a large public lot just north of South Pointe Park at 10AM. By 10:30AM, it was packed.

Miami Beach sidewalk with CityKickerThis location gave my husband, Phil, and me a wonderful starting point for exploring all things Miami Beach on our Xootr and KickPed. The area is lined with palm trees, has flat, smooth sidewalks and features plenty to see, making it a perfect place to explore. A simple round trip is just under a mile.

The far southern edge of South Pointe Park borders The Government Cut and Biscayne Bay. The Government Cut is a channel that makes way for the largest cruise ships in the industry and this edge of the park provides plenty of places to sit and enjoy boating traffic. It is also the location of a gracious Smith & Wollensky steak house. Even if you don't want to dine, stop in for drinks on its ground floor patio or terrace. Kick scooters tuck under its tables quite nicely.

To view the very first entrance to Miami Beach's soft, sandy beach, kick scoot to the southeastern point of the park. Here, you'll find that beach is similar to what you might see along the Atlantic coast of New Jersey and Long Island. What makes this area stand out is that it feels more natural than the portion of the beach that runs along Lummus Park and bathers get to enjoy the exciting sights related to passing, gigantic cruise ships.

Although I'm not crazy about seeing skyscrapers (I've have my fill of them in New York City), Phil and I admit that the skyscrapers to the immediate north of South Pointe Park are spectacular. Rather than dominating the area, they lend just the right decorative touch.

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