The KickPed: better than ever.

KickPed Kick ScooterThe Kickped has always struck me as a quintessentially New York Kick scooter. Its design is sturdy and industrial, built tough with strong materials to handle a rougher environment, much like New Yorkers themselves I guess. It folds up to fit in smaller new york apartments, and it has thick unapologetic rubber tires that roll confidently over New York’s worst potholes. This kick scooter rolls over bumps like a New Yorker rolls over tourists.

Pothole: “Excuse me sir I – ”

KickPed: “Yea tell it to my GRANDMOTHA”

But really I’m biased because I live in New York, and like all New Yorkers think that it’s the center of everything. The KickPed is not so much quintessentially New York as it is quintessentially American – the result of hard work, skilled craft, and creative innovation.

KickPed manufacturing

All Kickpeds are manufactured in the US in the second best and third largest state, California where they are built up by GoPed, one of the largest and most respected kick scooter manufacturers in the country.

The scooter features only the best craftsmanship. It is handmade by Goped’s highly skilled technicians who take their time on each scooter to get each detail perfect. The frame is made of a high strength steel, welded by hand, the custom wooden deck cut to exact specifications using hi-precision tools.

Improving our designs

The design of the KickPed is the result of our interaction with customers over the last 10 years. The KickPed is based on an older Goped scooter called the Knowped, which had a bulkier deck and a handbrake.

Customers liked the original Knowped, but based on feedback during that first year, we realized two important things that could be improved: A) There was a need for a kick scooter with a lighter slimmer deck that would be more compact and portable and B) that the handbrake was the source of 90% of customer complaints – brake cables were getting snagged, the smaller calipers were having trouble gripping the wheel, and of course, at high speeds a front hand brake can cause front flips, or what bikers call “endos”. Bikers think they’re so clever.

KickPed DesignPartnering with Goped we removed the brake and extra cables, streamlined the cut of the deck, and the first Kickped was born. Since then we have continued to brainstorm ways in which the KickPed could continue to evolve based on the feedback from our customers and our engineer’s intuition and creativity. In 2013 it was re-released with an updated handlebar which folded 90 degrees lining up parallel to the frame to make it more compact and easier to store and ship.

Now in 2014, we will be re-releasing the Kickped with a few final new additions: bearing spacers to prevent over tightened axles and a fabric slip which fits over the spring on the handlebar and eliminates any rattling sounds.

This latest model represents the culmination of years of hard work and innovation, and we would like to extend a special thanks to our friends at GoPed for continuing to raise the bar, and for their cooperativeness working with us to make a great product truly exceptional. Try out the newly improved KickPed scooter for yourself and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


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    Do you guys allow guest blogs?

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  • William Tyler

    Is it possible to get the new tee bar that turns 90 degrees ?

    • Nancy D. Davis

      Yes, it is possible to get the new the new tee bar. If you want to know more about Pro kick scooter, then visit this site “”

  • zetty

    Still rattles as fuck, hate it for that sole reason.