In love with a KickPed

After the first day of work at NYCeWheels, in NYC I got to test ride my choice of adult kick scooters.

My first choice was a KickPed kick scooter. An adult kick scooter specifically made for our shop here at NYCeWheels. Why the KickPed? Because ever since I saw adult kick scooters I could not wait to get my hands and feet on one!

First experience on the KickPed scooter



On my very first visit to the NYCeWheels website I was naturally drawn to the kick scooter section. And, “ohh yess!” Finally I am looking at not just a couple, but a whole lineup of high quality adult kick scooters in a wide variety of options. There were eye-pleasing, sleek designs in a range of models and colors but I’ve always been into the “dirt stuff.” You know: mountain biking, downhill and free-ride, and just about any type of motion focused on getting through obstacles and avoiding unexpected objects on the path.

When I first had the opportunity to ride the KickPed scooter I was not just only excited for the ride, but also determined to put it’s title as, “Practically indestructible” to the test.

How this adult kick scooter measures up

I am a tall guy, 6.4″ and I always find myself motivated and excited by the challenge of pushing the limits. I am not going to bore you with the technical facts, the verdict is simple and it is said in 3 statements:

1) Steel is the deal
2) Simplicity is key
3) If it feels good, it is good

The KickPed adult scooter meets and exceeds the rest on all 3 points, proving it as the logical choice for anybody looking to scoot around on a indestructible kick scooter. It just feels that good, it has by far the fastest and simplest folding system, and it is made out of the 2 best materials (known and trusted for centuries) wood and steel.

I really cannot say enough about the KickPed! Order your own KickPed adult scooter and you’ll love it too!

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