Kicking Around on the KickPed Scooter

Looking for a set of wheels to cover some distance, but want something small and portable? Check out the KickPed Scooter, a durable, quick folding and ultra-portable Kick Scooter. This scooter is made for the office worker who needs to catch a bus, the college student who needs to get to class in a snap, or anyone who wants to cover a bit of ground without breaking the bank.

The KickPed

The KickPed

Comfortable Scooting on the KickPed

The KickPed uses solid rubber wheels that are very durable, comfortable and great at handling bumps in the road.  The bigger wheels are more forgiving, meaning debris in the street or the occasional crack in the pavement are easy to roll over with the KickPed Scooter. It might not be as fast as other scooters out there, like the City Kicker, but if you’re looking for comfort you’ll want to check out the KickPed Scooter.

The KickPed is indestructible

The KickPed Scooter is built solid like a tank, right here in the USA. Sure, there are some lighter scooters on the market, but the 11.7 lb KickPed Scooter is durable and can really take a beating. This scooter is made of durable steel and can support riders weighing up to 300 lbs, so this tough scooter will last you for many years and many miles. Like I said, it’s heavier since it’s not made of some exotic material, but if you want a durable scooter that can withstand miles of abuse in any city, this is the scooter you want.

The KickPed folded

The KickPed folded

Done riding?  The KickPed is easy to fold up.

The KickPed Scooter folds up quick when you need to hop on a subway, duck into a corner store, or meet a friend for coffee. The handlebars fold down and then attach securely to the rear fender, so you can then sling it over your shoulder and walk around with ease. When you’re ready to resume scooting, the KickPed Scooter unfolds even faster and away you go. This is a quick folding scooter which is great for when you’re rushing through busy transit centers!

Solid braking on the KickPed

Slowing down and stopping on the KickPed Scooter is handled by a simple and effective rear foot brake. Just apply pressure to the rear fender / brake with your foot and it slows the rear wheel, which is plenty of solid braking power for any level of scooting in the city. This solid braking system is also virtually maintenance free, meaning you’ll be scooting more miles without worrying about brake cable, adjustments, or replacing brake pads.

So if you’re looking for a comfortable way to get around the city and you want a scooter that will stand up to years of abuse, then take a look at the KickPed Scooter. Built in the USA with strong steel tubing and solid rubber wheels, the KickPed Kick Scooter is practically indestructible, and will last you for many years to come.

Seth Werkheiser

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