Kickped vs. City Kicker

John here again with my take on the features that make the Kickped and the City Kicker formidable city adult scooters while offering their own particular performance advantages.  Not having ridden a kick scooter since bygone days of youth, it was a bit strange to step back on a scooter, but oddly enough this made me more receptive to the features and rides offered by both if you too should happen to be new to the option of adult kick scooters and considering one for your commuter needs.

City Kicker

City Kicker

City Kicker: a formidable navigator

First up, the City Kicker stands out with its wide deck for added stability for riding with both feet in a more natural stance.  Combine this with its solid wheels, and it makes for a formidable city navigator to get you through the streets, especially on the flat straightaways— all in all one of the fastest kick scooters you’ll find.  And in the case you ever want to stop the cruising fun, or need to avoid a hazard, its front wheel brake lever offers more than enough stopping power.  Coupled with a back fender, it is a more complete package.

The KickPed, great for rougher streets

KickPed Kick Scooter

Thick Tires for smooth rides

Where the City Kicker is a formidable navigator, the Kickped adult scooter is the robust city fighter.  Its steel frame and massive solid rubber wheels make it nearly impervious to any pit or debris the mean urban landscape can offer, and I easily rolled over them.  And unlike other adult kick scooters, its clean cable-less and pad-less construction makes it the ideal maintenance option.

Advantages of the Adult Kick Scooter

The advantage of adult kick scooters is their unmatched portability and both the City Kicker and Kickped surpass this expectation with added straps that allow you to swing it over your shoulder, leaving your hands free for the morning cup of coffee or dive into your pockets for the Metro Card should you happen to take in onto a bus, train, or ferry.

City Kicker Kick Scooter

Small fold with the City Kicker

Even though both unfold within seconds, the Kickped shaves off  just a bit more time with a pull sleeve that renders this adult kick scooter ready to ride and tackle the city.  Supremely both render you a stylish and conscientious commuter.  So do consider these adult kick scooters for your city travel, they just might surprise you with their unmatched portability and ride comfort.

For more details check out the Kickped and the City Kicker profiles and videos, they are just two options along with many other unique adult scooters to augment and ease your city commute.  Until next ride. Happy commuting.


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