Get Around Town on the Micro Adult Kick Scooter

If you’re looking for a fast Adult Kick Scooter for getting around town, take a look at Micro Adult Kick Scooter, one of the fastest on the market! If speed is important to you, the Micro Adult Kick Scooter won’t let you down. The frame of this scooter is made of lightweight magnesium and weighs just 10lbs. This scooter is strong, too, capable of supporting a rider up to 225lbs, making the Micro Adult Kick Scooter a joy to ride in any urban setting.

Micro Adult Kick Scooter has a sporty look

A scooter doesn’t have to look like a kids toy, which is why you’ll appreciate the clean styling of the Micro Adult Kick Scooter. This scooter has clean lines, and you can tell just by looking at it that it’s a sporty machine. This slick looking scooter comes with two color options, black or white, and both have a smooth, durable finish, and look good on the move.

Micro Adult Kick Scooter (Black)

Micro Adult Kick Scooter (Black)

Quick Folding Kick Scooter

When you’re done with your scooter trip, the Micro Adult Kick Scooter is a quick fold, taking about three seconds. With the collapsible handlebar, you will be able to carry this scooter onto buses, trains, in crowded markets or busy stores with no worry about bumping into people. Like the City Kicker Kick Scooter, the Micro Adult Kick Scooter weighs in around just 10 lbs, so it’s light enough to carry for longer periods of time if need be.

Kickstand on the Micro

It’s the little things that make the Micro Adult Kick Scooter such a great machine. This scooter comes equipped with a kickstand, which is handy when you don’t have anything to lean it against, or if you just don’t want to set it down.  The kickstand on the Micro Adult Kick Scooter keeps your scooter upright, so you can talk with your friend, make a call, or just have a seat!

Micro Adult Kick Scooter (Black)

Micro Adult Kick Scooter (Black)

The Micro Kick Scooter is Very Durable

You’ll notice when riding the Micro Adult Kick Scooter just how sturdy this machine really is. It’s got a super durable construction, able to carry riders up to 225 lbs, so you know this scooter is built tough. If you’re scooting 20 blocks to the subways or just out for an afternoon with the kids, you will feel confident on your Micro Adult Kick Scooter knowing how well built this scooter is.

Summarizing the Micro Adult Kick Scooter

If you want a scooter that can stand up to the rigors of urban travel and looks pretty slick at the same time then you’ll want to give the Micro Adult Kick Scooter a test ride. The Micro Adult Kick Scooter is great for quick commutes between the bus and office, around campus, or just out for a nice ride through the park.

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