Should You Put Extra Weight Over Your kick scooter Front wheel?

I carry a purse. And, yes, I’m a woman. No matter how hard I try to find ultra-lightweight handbags, with nylon being the most optimum “nothing there” handbag material, they all end up weighing between 3 and 4 pounds.

My primary handbag ballast includes a wallet without even a single picture in it, a cell phone, a camera, and keys. Together, those objects make up the bulk of the weight and I’ve given up trying to figure out how to make my purse lighter.

Under all conditions, I hate carrying a handbag except by necessity. Unfortunately, I always need my camera and cell (not to mention money and keys), so I very rarely leave home without it. When I kick scoot, however, I lash it to the base of the scooter’s handlebar, with the purse facing the scooter’s floorboard.

What I accidentally discovered is that my kick scooter rides better with my purse in that position, than it does without any extra weight over the front wheel. My kickscooter even rolls better when being walked!

The conclusion I’ve drawn is that although kick scooter manufacturers do their best to keep their products’ weight low, more weight is needed over the front wheel; at least 3 or 4 pounds more weight. This appears to be true for the KickPed, Citykicker, the Razor A5 Lux, and a Micro Black or White.

Is my insight wrong-sighted? Test it for yourself by securely strapping a weighted bag at the base of your kick scooter’s handlebar facing its floorboard, and let us know!

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  • Clifton Painter

    Actually, putting too much weight forward on any scooter is not a very good idea because it creates more resistance on the front wheel to raised edges in the road which in turn can lead to more spills and injuries. What I think is going on is two-fold.

    First, the slight extra weight quiets the scooter bed a bit and places a bit more emphasis and control on the front (steering) wheel, while you are walking the scooter.
    Second, with the bag on the front of the footbed, you are forced to place your feet further back while riding the scooter which puts the bulk of the total weight more toward the rear, which is safer, smoother, quieter, and more efficient.

    This is what I believe you’re experiencing.

    Stay safe and have fun.

    • Jack R.

      Thanks for reading Clifton, and for your detailed, very helpful comments. Best- jack

  • http://Whatareyoulookingfor(besidesadentist?) Karen Little

    Hi Clif – thanks for your observations . . . and I agree! Also, the weight thing might be experienced differently on different scooters.

    I’ve been riding my KickPed (a comparitively heavy scooter) extensively . On it, I have a water bottle rack, a small pouch (one that is sold as a seat pouch for regular bikes) filled with a wallet, cell, and camera, and I often carry a nylon bag filled with some goody, securely strapped to the front post with StrapIts. I’ll post a picture of the setup in the future.

    It might be the only scooter brand that can handle a front load well. It would be interesting to hear from people who also tote waterbottles and bike pouches, especially considering your comment, Clif, about the possibility of front-end tipping.

    • Jack R.

      Thanks for reading Karen, and for your comments, sounds like you have a good set up on your KickPed- Jack

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