Three Reasons to Love the KickPed

We recently received a much-needed KickPed shipment, which had been delayed for several weeks. During that time the waiting list for these handsome kick scooters grew and grew to the point that when we finally received the shipment, all the large-sized scooters got snapped up within the first two days! In fact, it has been our experience that, much like the Brompton folding bicycle, the KickPed commands a deep love from everyone who purchases one. One time (I am not making this up), a customer scooted back to us the same day he bought his just to give us some cookies to show his appreciation.

So why do these vehicles invoke such a fervor? I can a few very valid reasons for starters.

Indestructible Scooter

There is a reason we describe the KickPed as “bulletproof”. Really, anything you throw at this thing it seems to shrug off with ease. The scooter is based around an ultra-strong steel frame, and even if the unthinkable should happen and you manage to seriously damage your KickPed’s frame, you will be able to replace it through the lifetime warranty.

Though some customers are initially concerned that the wooden deck will be damaged by the elements, a full weather-proofing treatment ensures that no amount of rain or even snow will phase the KickPed.

Finally, while other kick scooters utilize small, breakable, moving parts in order to make folding possible, the KickPed relies on a single, burly hinge which is literally encased in metal to keep damage and grime to a minimum.

Smooth Rider

For those looking to travel over everything from rough city sidewalks to beaten dirt trails on their kick scooter, nothing comes close to the KickPed’s performance on rough terrain. The 2.5-inch wide wheels are some of the beefiest that you can find on a collapsible push scooter, and their solid rubber construction makes flats impossible while providing tremendous grip on almost any surface.

Additionally, the KickPed’s steel frame is able to flex slightly. This gives the scooter the ability to naturally absorb impact vibrations when rolling over uneven surfaces, and reduces the likelihood of the vehicle suffering serious damage as a result of hard riding.

A Handsome Devil

Finally, many just find the KickPed darned good looking. I count myself in this category. The hollow steel tube at the core of the frame protrudes out the back end, looking almost like an exhaust pipe, and giving the whole setup a sort of jet-powered vibe. The deep red-toned wood of the deck gives the KickPed an element of old-school class, while the tread stripes provide a functional nod to skater aesthetics. Overall, the simplicity in the KickPed’s design bleeds over into its visual impression in a striking way, making this scooter look like some sort of neo-industrial steampunk creation. Well, that’s my take on it anyway.

Why do you love the KickPed?

About the Author

Miles Schneider is a scooter specialist and blogger for NYCeWheels in New York City. He enjoys two-wheeled transportation, plays 6-string electric violin, and consumes massive quantities of salsa–though never all three at once.

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